Just Once, please

I want to encourage those out there to use my motto, Just Once. Try everything just once and then decide how important it is to you to do it again. It can be real scary trying to do the things we enjoy and now after discovering the aneurysm that we cannot do things we used to enjoy.

I had an AVM rupture and an anyeursym coiled 4 years ago. I was only 38, married with a 6 year old and 3 month old. I survived for not only or me, but them. I had left sided paralysis, but now I walk.

There are things I thought I could not do anymore, like go to the beach, but I finally did it and it was'nt so hard. I learned what I could do to make it easier and talk to others who have info about our local beaches. Now, I can't wait for summer to get here so we can start enjoying again. so see, just do it Once. You'll get your life back.

I love this Post Nancy...

It can inspire all of us "just once ... to try..."...I say this so often...some things have gotten better ... and some still haven't improved...~ Have a Beautiful day...and Thank~you for sharing this wonderful and inspiring post...~

Cyber~Hugs Colleen

you are right, one thing i cannot do is roller blade. I was watching a Circ de Soleil show in Vegas when i realized it, i shed a few tears as i do not like admitting there is something i cannot do but it's not that important, so i don't let it get to me.

but it is a motto that keeps me trying!

youre so right...you cannot let the fear from the anny consume you or your life...it will make you miserable...theres nothing wrong with being careful...but remember that you are alive n kicking...God wants you to live and enjoy your life..not be scared of doing every little thing...i love your comment

Hi Elke I too had a SAH , but had it coilled coming up on my 3 year mark in july.....Rock Concerts have done 4 semi small venues and 2 large outdoor with no problem....& Then there was the last one Journey, Fournier and two other bands I cant remember......The problems started because we got there late and got seats not by the bathrooms...and I didn't bring a friend or should we say a bathroom buddy.....well when I went to go to use the restroom in between one of the smaller bands playing....all was good I went by my self....But when I got out of the restroom it was nothing but a sea of people every where, my brain got immediately overloaded and shut down...setting me in a complete trance like state...I walked around in circles and finally just sat down in the masses of people...Thank God and it was God that lead my boyfriend Johnny to me!...I dont remember anything about the evening or that concert....but do no the have to do a buddy system...we have a planned concert in April I'll let you no how that one goes....lol

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youre absolutely correct-within reason of course,i also tried the beach but chickened out because it looked too far and had no chairs maybe this year,i did try the community pool but didn't like it-too crowded and kids running around running and swimming into me & for some reason i can't walk barefoot too well(or sandals)thanks for commenting now u got me thinking-maybe there's a higher quality sandal i could buy

thanks Sue i'll check it out, the ones i can't wear are the flip-flop type.i had to push my boat too when i ran aground!!when i was a novice and tried to take a short cut-those channel buoys are there for a reason!! i recently got rid of the boat because the floor rotted out and there was a tree growing in it!!! honest-i should have got a picture of that-strange sight

no cat' but they look relly cool- i sailed once and my friend had a little trouble gettin back in! but i'll definetly check out the shoes- i kinda know what you mean ive seen kids running around the poolside /w/them-thanks nice to make an aquantance with a boater-ron