Just going to whine a little

I know that not doing the surgery was for the best, but I'm so, angery, depressed and just want to give . I think it all hit me at once. I had a procedure, and now I still have to have my surgery that I was supposed to berecovering from by now. My body is so tired, I'm mentally tired. If it wasnt for the fact that I watched my Aunt die from this and saw the look on her two teen age daughters faces when she died. I think i would be tempted to say screw it. But i cant do that to my family.

So now I'm breaking down and letting the doctor give me xanex. I think my family is happier than I am about that.

Wondering if it would be ok to take when my 17 year old is driving me somewhere? I think thats almost as bad as surgery!

Hello Dawn

Sorry to read you are having a tough time. I have some understanding as I had my coiling cancelled on the day twice as there weren't free high dependency beds. Not quite the same, I know but i have some idea of what it is like to get psyched up for a procedure then be disappointed and frustrated by having to go through the build up stress again. I just hope your blood test will be fine and the procedure gets rearranged very quickly. The waiting is always hard. Feel free to vent here, you are not alone.