It didn't work

I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers today!
The antibiotic that was tested didn’t work :frowning: with in 100mm my throat was burning and closing.
I had to get a shot in the muscle and that hurts like h***!!!
The doctors are going to talk tomorrow about the next step…


Bummer Kimberley...They will find something that will work. There has to be more antibiotics out there.

I hope you are feeling ok...Prayers to you!


I’m sorry for the results of the antibiotic! Okay gearin up for many more prayers your way!heather

Karen & Heather,
:slight_smile: the doc said their not giving up! There are many antibiotics to test…

Well're just not giving up that "Unique" name any time soon, are you?

Oh Kimberley, I'm so sorry. You went into this with the best attitude - and you still seem to be positive. There WILL be an answer to this for you. You've had a longer road than anyone should have to deal with. I'm glad that your doctor also remains optimistic. In my thoughts and prayers, as always.

Love you friend!!!

I agree!!! There is an antibiotic and when its found its also going to fix my problems that came with the last surgery… Just gonna take more time & patients then I thought!! Besides they really do not want to see the wrath of Kim… Hehe

<3 <3
Mrs. Really Unique lol

Oh No...I am at a loss...

I can't even imagine how you are feeling...! Knowing you dear are saying to yourself..."onward and upward"...

Praying for the next "step"...Love ya ... Colleen

The Alternative is not acceptable Colleen, If I am honest I am crushed!! Me getting my life back hangs on antibiotics, how stupid is that? But reality is the alternative is not acceptable… Love you for knowing me :slight_smile:


you will be fine, don't worry about it anymore. Enjoy your days and be happy.