Is this odd?

I went back to work last month. The difficult works of SPED teaching )I’ve had intermittent FMLA, but it was beginning to get to the point to where I was almost gone more than I was there because of my headaches. I called my doctor to get stuck on the list for the headache clinic and she asked me what had been happening. And I told her about the headaches, the mood, the memory, and she said that she thought that I needed the next tension like another two weeks on FMLA without doing intermittent just a couple more weeks of resting my brain. Of course, that never happens. Physically, I’m not fast, but mentally I’m extremely fast. I used to blame it on the fact I was a Gemini.
Even though I’ve always been mentally very quick, I feel like that’s been exasperated a bit by this condition. Everything else seems pretty good except for the sleep, but I also have this heat ability to stay in one spot very long. If I’m having a conversation with someone I’m going to move on to something else a lot sooner than they know that I’m moving. We need to be talking about a pencil and 10 seconds later I’m talking about dogs. Somewhere in there, a connection was made from one to another, however, whoever was trying to have a conversation with me did not see it that way.
They’ve always been this way to a degree, but it’s worse now, this issue. Cleaning my house is difficult for me. One of the reasons is because my disorganization is crazy. But I find that it’s hard for me because I will start in one room, get distracted, and go to another room, get distracted again, and move finally back to where I started, but I’m not even sure that’s where I started.
I had a observation for teaching the other day. I had my plans all laid out, and I talk to my evaluator about what I was going to do. Then 15 minutes before the observer came in to my classroom I decided to completely change the lesson. I had no plans. I just went on a whim. I was talking about things that were completely appropriate in school related, they just had nothing to do with what I was supposed to be doing.
I am home Try not to think about work, but the more I don’t think about it the more than I do if that makes sense. My finances are all messed up because I’ve been taking time off and having to have someone clean my house. But neither things was not inevitable.
Can anyone rekste to this nonsense?

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Actually, that is not odd. I went from an extremely focused and orgainized nurse to completely ADHD after my rupture…

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You are SO not alone. I’m a SPED teacher and an ADHD one at that. I too have a hard time sticking to a lesson plan lol! I actually got distracted because one of my kiddos needed me in another building a few weeks ago and MISSED MY EVALUATION! Luckily, they let me reschedule but he definitely seemed irked by my silliness. Oh well! I am damn good at what I do because of my inability to sit still and my ability to have ten things on the burner at once, and I’d be willing to bet you’re the same way. Just be you, and remember that our quirks are often the best parts about us!