Is this a symtom

Hi everyone just wondering what were some of your symptoms before finding out you had an aneurism. I have pain in the same side of the head when I cough, laugh, or get angry. It doesn’t happen all the time though. this has been going on for about 6 months. I have a ct scan appointment coming up.

well everyone isn’t the same , i had no symptoms until it ruptured and that was severe head and neck pain and vomitt. It might just be a headache or tension or maybe a tooth. When do yougo for your test?

Best of luck to you.. as Laurie said, everyone's symptoms are different and a ct /mri and neurology team will only tell for sure.

- Cec

Well not sure yet just waiting for the call.

Doctors will tell you there are no real symptoms...however, for a few years I had been so dizzy, pains in my head and neck ... and then I had the bad headache and from that high Bp...and then I collapsed...everyone is different...I know that since being coiled all has improved but my neck pain...

Keep us posted on your upcoming Cat scan...cyber~thoughts Colleen

Yes my neck hurts all the time. But I think it was from the car accident I was in two years ago. I did ho through a dizzy spell 6 months back but the doctors thought it was from a switch in depressant medication. I mostly get numb pain in the left side of my head.

I sometimes come back to the theory that the Doctors really don't know enough about the Brain ...

My dizzy spells ... Doctors told me anxiety, and even that I was a women...don't want to go there, I had some really all stemmed from this annie...even my Neuro agrees...

It is just good you are going for scan sooner then later...Happy Saturday Tim...!

Fondly, Colleen

i had no symptoms prior to my rupture n oct 09…then i had the rupture n started think of a couple of sinus headaches, when i would lay on my left side the whole room would start spinning…but i blew it off…only because it was consistant enuff to see a dr about it…then the thunderclap from hell happened, passed out,vomited and headache was worse than childbirth…lol…but with Gods grace i persevered like so many people on this site…keeping u n my prayers for a quick resolve n good health…Gods gotchur back…lol…can u tell im from texas…?take care sweety


I had headaches, dizzy spells and then double vision with a black out spell which is what sent me to the hospital for testing and the annie was discovered. I'm one of the lucky ones that had symptoms and it was discovered early. I had onyx on June 29...almost 6 months.

Prayers for you and that it comes back negative!


Sorry but what is onyx

It's the liquid embolization, onyx hd 500, a glue like substance that hardens in the annie to block the blood. I could not be coiled because it was wide necked. Seems to be working, I will find out on Dec 7 with my follow-up angiogram. i have developed some really bad headaches and fatigue, but, it appears that's just part of the recovery.


HI Tim and welcome to BAF,

As most have told you, some people have no symptoms, others have some symptoms. I myself was sent to the hospital with numbness and pain down my left arm. What I thought was going to be a heart attack turned into the incidental finding of 2 annies. I don't believe my symptoms were in any way related to my annies, but am sure glad that lil angel that sits on my shoulder forced me to go to the hospital!

Best of luck with your upcoming test, I hope it turns into nothing!!


Hi Tim, I had severe headaches on my behind my one eye- which lead to vomiting- the docs sent convinced that it’s related to my aneurism - but that’s how they caught it/ it has not bled;) good luck!