Is it too soon?

I am now at my one month post coiling Anne versary and really want to get back to living... My surgeon said that there was no reason why I cannot do everything I did pre Anne but am still a little wary. So was wandering….. if I feel up to it, Is it ok to go back to the gym, perhaps rewarding myself with a glass of wine, which may relax me enough to venture into the bedroom!!!! As long as I promise not to have a ciggie afterwards.



go for it sister…if your dr says you have a green light then move forward…not to be too explicit, i have gone back to all of the above n feel great…i feel we cant go around living in fear,it will take over ur lifestyle and the new person you’ve turned into…i would say easy as she goes n if it feels weird or strange slow down a wee bit…God spared our lives for a reason n i dont think he wants us to walk around like a vibrant LIVING person…;)…much love n prayers to a long, beautiful life…

Hi Gaynor...I think 2 need to do what makes you feel good...and I think you need to hold "moderation" as the key...ok 3 things...hahaha...if something feels not right...they stop and wait on that thing...for instance...I do sit~ups everyday...however, tried and couldn't do ... up until 1 month ago...seemed to put a bit of strain on my neck and hurt my I can do...and all is fine...

I think the gym will do you very good...mentally and physically...even the glass of wine...but ciggies...

Have a beautiful day...! Colleen

Thanks Colleen, michelle and Jim, this was so what i needed to hear,go for it just be sensible and don't over do it!!!!!! infact was on such a jolly high as sooooo looking forward to getting back into the swing of things decided to stay on the ol pc and write a few words to friends n family back home, well 6hours later and 6 time out warning from hubby for too long on PC....(funny how time flies, when your memory is shot and editing letters take longer than to write!) I finally finished half a letter!!!!!

Well yesterday I woke with a stiff neck and very heavy head, after spending the day panicking that this was the first signs of a rupture, but would hold off rushing to ER as it was Mothers day, and life is not that cruel!!!!!!!

I pretty much spent the day back on the sofa with my painkillers, throwing my head from side to side, stretching and twisting my neck round like a bloody owl, to prove just how much it hurt and something was not right, for my hubby to point out that. 6 Hours on a pc the day before, bending my kneck, and probably overworking the ol brain, is not only overdoing it, in a very patient TOLD YA SO kinda way but a shame as now I have to wait day or two before attempting to go back ot the gym, and am banned from my Pc for the day!!!!!!. Yep.... I'm in "Time out"

So Lesson learned and your points noted, before I've even started!!!!... Go for it (in moderation) stop if it doesn't feel right, be patient and give myself time and try again, (oh well gotta dash before the hubby finds me on pc!!!!!) Have a great day

Gaynor x

I agree with the others. If the doctor says OK and you feel comfortable go ahead. I might suggest small steps at first. No marthons!

Good to listen to your body Gaynor...

I find even now...if I overdo...I start having the throbbing first they would scare me ... then I realized my body was telling me ... and rest ... and have a Good Day...!


Bugger all!!!!! The day after I wrote this blog and the morning before my big return to the gym and normailty I began to get a stiff neck, and it has just gotten worse and worse. Been advised it could be stress gonna blog again for survivor advise ....... but thanks for asking!

hahahaahahaha. wasn’t calling you a corpse Jim, I meant I was moving on to asking for advice on a new blog re Stiff neck, but thought it only polite to answer your question first!!! (could’ve been worse could of said sound advise - tee hee)