Is 8mm big for an aneurysm?

I got diagnosed with an aneurysm about a month ago. I just wanted to know if 8mm is big? All I can remember what it said on the letter is 8mm superclinoid aneurysm. I'm seeing the surgeon on Thurs 13th Feb so not long to wait but any advice would be great!

Plus are they more likely to do the surgery if you're young?

Hi and Again Welcome...8mm is big...but all is relative ... in the fact that a brain aneurysm is a brain aneurysm...Does that make sense? While you are waiting to see your should be careful lifting things, exercising, stressing, no smoking, no alcohol bingeing...etc., play it safe ... if you feel anything is medical attention...

If you go and click on the BAF website will give you more information ...

Surgery is no more likely whether one is young, old, etc., ~ keep us posted on your upcoming appointment ~ Colleen

Hi!! 8mm is pretty big. Meeting with the neurosurgeon is definitely the best next step. He/she will be able to tell you a lot about your aneurysm and what your options are and his/her recommendation. Age doesn’t seem to have too much to do with having surgery, but they do look at overall health and your personal life expectancy. I am sure that you will be a fine candidate for surgery. Please keep us posted on how your appointment goes. Praying for your appt now.
Take care,
~ Carol

Hello to you. I am just recovering from coiling procedure. Y ANEURISME WAS 4.6mm on the right side of the brain. I was given the choice to either opt for surgery or leave it as is and watch it. I was also givin the choice that if i did want the surgery,either to choose coiling ( less invasive ) or directly go through the scull.. After 4 different opions,lots of resurche,lots of talking and advice taking on this site, i went for the coiling. I had the procedure done the 3 rd of feb 2014. I am a 35 year old mom of 2 kids. Kids are 9 and 2 and a half. The procedure went really well. No complications. I was terrified of course. But in the end all went well.. I am really tiered,but you do have to take into concideration that i had an epilepsie sesure as i was exiting the hospital the next day. Yep, i got dismissed the next morning after the procedure, and as i was leaving, epilepsy... ( BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT I AM NONE TO HAVE SESURES AND I AM ON MEDS ) .. I believe that all this fatigue is due to the sesure. Last sesure i was also very tiered for about 3 weeks.... :) wHAT EVER THE DECISION YOU TAKE, Take it for yourself. do what you feel is the best for you.. I so understand how hard this is. If you need to talk more,please feel free.. all my thaughts are with you xxxxxx