Iodine in CTA. Allergic to it?

I have had several CTA tests, They always use iodine. If youre allergic to iodine, what are your side effects? and, can you develope allergies to iodine over years of CTA x-rays. So far, I have had no problems, other than the usual warm feeling.


I did find that I am allergic to the iodine after my first CTA test. Nothing major, just a rash all of my entire body. Now when I have to have any test they give me several doses of steroids prior and this eliminated any issues. I do not know if this is an allergy that can develop over time or not. I hope you continue to NOT have any issues!


My first experience with iodine, I had a bad rash, looked like sunburn. The tech got concerned and ran to get the radiologist. He sent me home telling me to take Benedryl until I felt better. It was a CT Scan if I recall correctly. That was in the 80’s. Now I go anaphalatic, but like Lisa, my Neurosurgeon loads me up with steroids and I take my inhaler with me. I can eat three shrimp before reacting. But in the winter, I can have five or six if they are fresh. I come out wanting to eat a horse, exhausted, and wired. Most importantly, alive :slight_smile:

My throat swells for days afterward, sore achy, feel like a truck ran over me. For CTAs and Angios too -- they premedicate me now, steriods and benedryl, and I'm fine.

I broke out in hives after my 5th or 6th scan with dye - not sure if it's a full blown allergy or just a sensitivity to being so overloaded. I'm going to see an allergist soon to determine exactly what I'm allergic to, and go from there.