Intestinal issues?

well, I have starting to heal. Still red on the top but I suppose it will be for a while. Alex started to appear that was sort of late in the game at first they were around man am I having some gastrointestinal issues. Did anybody find as they were healing from their head that they had some G.I. issues? i have been miserable. is there a connection?

also here is my head. after almost 4 weeks

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Hey Abby,

It may still be red, but WOW, that looks really well healed for 4 weeks. It’s nice and clear, a little red, yes, but no angry red inflammation. I dare say it’s probably as itchy as all hell but that does settle eventually. I was told the itch was a good sign of healing, but it damn near drove me insane.

Ahhh, that’s not fair, they let you keep your hair :astonished: They shave one whole side of mine and with long hair it looks awful, so I end up having to have it all removed :worried: That was even more shocking because it exposed all of the humps, hollows and scars. It looks like someone took to me with a baseball bat :astonished: :rofl:

Neurosurgery doesn’t just affect the brain, it’s an assault on the whole person and yes, that includes the gut. The medicos liked to point at my use of painkillers as the cause of my gut issues, so I restricted my medication use… …Bad, BAD idea. I NEED the meds, so I had to manage my meds carefully. Whilst I was in hospital, they gave me stool softeners, which helped. It didn’t ‘fix’ but it did assist. Outside of the hospital I used Psyllium Husk powder to keep myself on some sort of level. It can be a HUGE balancing act at times.

But you’re doing OK, recovery takes time and patience is key.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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I definitely had GI issues.

I dropped 12 pounds in the hospital after my aneurysm surgery. When I got home, I kept dropping for a few more days. (I was 140 to begin with at 5’ 7", so I had a few pounds to spare safely, but left the hospital gaunt and weak.) When I rested a lot, I could eat simple food and high calorie nutritional drinks. When I tried to push a bit too much, that queasy feeling returned and I couldn’t eat much. So, YES! I definitely felt the connection between the aneurysm surgery and GI stuff.

Some things that helped: Bland crackers, ginger kombucha, naps, tons of hydration, getting off the morphine tablets and using Tylenol (when I could handle it.)

What are your GI symptons like?


It went from constipation to pretty explosive, watery diarrhea. That lasted about 24 hours then the stools stayed loose for a while stomach pain, nausea. I kind of feel like maybe I caught some thing I don’t know. I’ve just been staying to like toast and crackers, and sugar-free Gatorade to make sure I can hydrate myself. I

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