International Stroke Conference

So - I don't seem to be able to get away from this whole's actually almost laughable (but not really....) - there's my own ordeal (not stroke, but surgery for unruptured), then three weeks ago my mom ends up in hosp and for 2 days docs say stroke, then a week later my daughter is in MRI (normal) for dizziness/migraine/abnormal EEG, then last night (this is the crazy part) my husband and I went to a concert (Sarah McLauchlin - amazing...), and we're in downtown LA, and guess what's going on RIGHT THERE - people w/ badges, signs pointing towards specific meetings/events....the INTERNATIONAL STROKE CONFERENCE. ????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just in my face, at every corner it seems! But, with humor, I realized while at the concert that I was right next to the biggest neurologists / neurosurgeons in the world! Crazy. This conference is already yielding headlines based on new research presentations - I googled the conference - it's all weekend. Maybe I should sneak in!

Sometimes life is crazy. I'm sure my own docs and many of yours are there as well. Nuts.

Hmmm, I wonder if mine made the trip from Sweden for the conference...

I'll have to ask him on

if you google it, you can see all of the presentations and presenters (hundreds)