I had a cerebral aneurysm when I was seventeen. Im not really sure what kind or anything like that. Im not actually really sure what exactly happened. I find it hard to talk to my friends or family about it because they dont really understand It either. Im twentyone now and thankfully dont seem to have side-effects, although Im not sure what they would. I guess Id just be greatful if other people could tell me how they coped and how it effects them in their lives.

I had my brain aneurysm back in 1970 when I was in my 20’s and am now 64. You’re right , it’s hard, if not impossible, to talk to family and friends about such an experience because they don’t understand how is can effect one in so many ways. To me, I went the greater part of my lifetime living in a dreamworld not recognizing what emotional effests this experince had on me, my wife and the boys. I was physically fine for the most part but psychologically I was in denial about what happened and made all kinds of mental compensations for this…I did lose some momories of my early life especially and others which I just don’t know but I never admitted this to anyone. Until, a crisis happened in my life and I broke. This helped but it was so many years after the incident that I still handle it on my own. Coping is a matter of accepting what has happened to you, appreciating where you are today, and looking forward to a new special day… everyday. Plus, if you feel the need for help, find a doctor to give you direction that you are confortable using. I didn’t do that and it is regretful every day to me personally. I hope this is some way helps you on this journey. Best wishes.

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