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Info in my surgeon’s office

I want to see all of the stuff. When I had my B.A./Stroke, I didn't get to see. Where do I get them?

Hi Worthy..Have you seen the rest of the pictures that I've added here on my page? I still have a couple more pictures to upload to here but haven't had the chance yet. I'm not sure what you're asking, where do you get what?

~ Jane

Sorry, I don't text very well with my Aphasia. When I had my surgery, and I didn't see no pictures and I like to see so I can understand everything.

Hi Worthy..That's ok, I understand. What type of surgery did you have? I had a craniotomy & was clipped. Is there something in particular that you want to see? I have a few other pictures that I can put on here.

~ Jane

Hello, I also had my surgery with my craniotomy and clipped. The part of my brain was my motor speech and sensory speech and that's when lost my talking, words, and I can hear but I don't understand words, and reading is good but I don't know what they mean either. My stroke was a small one too. I am so better now. I am not able to go to work and can't drive with my Right inferior quadrantanopia but I will take a test make sure I can drive. My husband is the only friend I have. What kind of B.A. did you have?

Hi Worthy..Sorry I missed your note. My brain aneurysm that ruptured(a SAH) was a left Posterior Communicating Artery aneurysm. The 2nd aneurysm that I have is a Basilar Tip aneurysm that is being watched. It too will also have to be clipped to fix it. My older brother also had 2 brain aneurysms in 1991. He had 2 craniotomies & clips..1 ruptured & the other didn't & he's done really well. I'll be your friend, anytime :o) Are you on Facebook?

~ Jane