Increased brain injury symptoms post anaesthetic

I had a major shoulder surgery 8 weeks ago. I have found that many of my brain injury symptoms have increased (mental flooding - overstimulation anxieties, shivering, speech difficulties, memory issues, dizziness sect etc). My coiled SAH’s was 4 years ago almost and this is my first anaesthetic post SAH. Has anyone else had this type of issue post anaesthetic? (I’m not sure if it is because of the level of pain I am in that has caused the over stimulation? Thank you and kindest wishes, Kim x

Sorry to hear this Kim - no fair! I would follow up with a neurologist (not a surgeon - a neuorologist who deals with vascular issues) if you can. I'm having shoulder issues myself, and I can say that it seems like some of my brain issues are worse due to the chronic pain. Good luck, I hope it clears soon!

Hi Sarge, thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond. I’m sorry that you also have chronic pain issues with your shoulder but I’m glad to know that I’m not going crazy! I will definitely take your advice. All the best, Kim x

I'd have some bloodwork done. sounds like an infection to me....................