Incontinence - does it get better?

Hey everyone,

my Dad had a massive BA rupture and stroke on Christmas 2022. He is still recovering and it’s going very slowly… One topic that I can’t find much information about is incontinence. He still can’t signal when he has „to go“. Does anyone have experience with that? Does it get better? Is there anything we can do to help? We’re over 7 months into recovery and I’m not sure if there’s hope. We might have to decide to get a permanent catheter soon…

It did for my wife but it was a 2-3 months after her rupture.

Has anyone tried to take your dad to the bathroom at specific intervals? I don’t know how to say what I’m meaning, bad brain day, it happens. But if someone can take him to the toilet upon waking and a set amount of time thereafter, and right before bed it may help. One of the common things I’ve learned amongst folks here in the US, is our mothers seemed to have always turned the water on when we needed to urinate as young children. Also do not be in a rush when he’s at the toilet.

Here’s a very short article on what may be going on in our brains How the brain controls urination - PMC.