Incision site painful 4 weeks post op and related questions

Hi everyone,

My mom had an aneurysm rupture and coiling on January 20 and then 2 aneurysms clipped on February 19. Her incision site from the clipping hurts. I’m not sure of how badly but it definitely bothers her and she’s pretty tough. This seems like it would be normal but I’m not certain and was hoping someone could help.

She also went to a support meeting yesterday (which she liked). I think it really helped to know so many of her symptoms are common. My question, is, she wore a knit hat most of the evening. Today her incision site is a little red. Is it better to not cover her head? Or should she just maybe use a silk scarf? I just don’t know. Can anyone help? I feel like these are such unimportant questions considering all that she and you all are dealing with but I’m not sure where to find this information.

Your mom is very early in recovery. I had clipping 10 yrs ago. I do remember the incision site being very sensitive for quite a while. I wore hats when I went out in public but couldn't wait to get home and take it off. I think it takes all those nerves a while to calm down, and it seemed to me that wearing something on my head just aggravated it. I still don't like for anything or anyone to touch my scar. It is still pretty sensitive. You just learn to deal with all the little quirks that come with recovery from brain surgery. Hope this helps.