Incidental findings?

So I went to the ER with left sided facial numbness and left arm numbness and tingling. The doctors did not find anything abnormal on the exam, but they worked me up as a rule out TIA. I do have a history of types 2 diabetes and htn so they felt I was high risk. CT of head was negative, but when they did the MRI of the head they said they found a possible ICA aneurysm 2mm but not on the left side, it was on the right side. They kept me overnight to do a CTA the following morning and determined that it was an 2.8mm aneurysm. The hospitalist was very flip about it and said it was an incidental finding, and said that I was discharged, despite the fact that they kept me overnight to do the testing to confirm the finding. He did not offer any fu information etc. I went to see my PCP the day after discharge who referred me to Neurosurgeon at Jefferson. I see on my reports that I also have a persistent trigeminal artery present which from what I have researched can increase risk of aneurysms....Has anyone had any similiar experiences?

Hi Donna...many of us here at BAF, have had terrible experiences in the ER's with our aneurysm's...I was told I was a "women" by a women Doctor...and hormonal and anxious...funny I was in ER once and they found High Bp and heart rate...put me on Bp meds...found nothing on CT...sent me home...10 days later collapsed...mra ... found 9mm basilar artery tip aneurysm...women Doctor never came to see me...and tell me...a nurse passed me a copy of my report and told me to find a Neurologist...hmm??? many of us have this aren't alone...and size isn't the only thing they look at ... a Neurologist will look at your age, history, chance of rupture, etc., I can tell you...I have heard nothing but the best about the Neuro Dept at Jefferson Hospital...I think you will find very good Doctors, that will help you out...

Please know this is my experience and my opinion...keep us posted on your appointment...Colleen

Thank you...I will keep you all posted...I have found much comfort in finding this website.

Also, meant to tell you will learn in this journey that you are your "own best advocate with your health"...this site will help you and support you through...~ Colleen

I saw Dr. Jabbour and we are in watch and wait mode. Next MRI/MRA is not for another year. He did explain what signs/symptoms to watch for, and I felt a lot of relief after I saw him. How odd it must have been that one of the first questions I asked was if I was going to be able to take my daughter on Splash Mountain in August, as she is finally tall enough to ride, and spending that vacation with my kids was all I could seem to focus on...he and his nurse were wonderful!!!!

Ah Donna that is wonderful news I am so happy for You...

Donna...belated welcome..

So good to read your follow-up...did Dr. J explain more signs/ symptoms than what you described above...or if the yare unrelated?

Please keep us posted...and have a wonderful trip to Splash Mountain...


He did tell me that if I were to experience visual problems or pain behind the right eye that would be a concern, also that for the location they normally would not treat unless it was greater than 5mm. He did also discuss family screening with me, which actually was a service, because when I had spoke to my older sister about getting checked she mentioned it to a neighbor who survived a rupture, whom wasn't told that his children should be screened when they got older, and they too were thankful for that bit of knowledge.

Donna...thank you for your quick response....

I am so driven in curiosity because I had the left lower arm / hand tingling / numbness ...

Did he explain if it is related to your aneurysm...and the name of the artery/segment of your aneurysm?