In need of support and answers

Its been really hard for my husband and I for the last 3 mths. On April the 17th i found my husband at the age of 31 haveing a seziure on the floor in out kitchen. Im only 25 , i freaked out but was able to call 911 asap. My husband had a ruptured aneurysm that took up the main atterary that controls his vision. They were able to stop the bleeding by puting in coils.

He recovered great. He was in the hospital for 14 days. The aneurysm caused him to lose the vision on the left side of both eyes. Other than that u would never be able to tell sumthing this bad had happen to hime.

Now he is tryin to return to normal life i guess u could say, but he has headaches all the time and he is unable to foucus on more than one thing at a time. Is this common and does this get better in time?

We also found out last wk that he has another aneurysm growing behind the old one. So we are in the process of haveing another surgery.

We are both scared to death . We don't really know wuts going on , or wut to look for in the future. He is a prision guard but will not be able to keep his job because the doctors said he wasn't able to do boot camp for work. So we are also stressed out which i know isn't good for him.

If ne one could please just give us sum advice on how to cope or wut to do . We have support from friends and family but its hard for them to understand unless u have actually gone through it urself.

While you and your husband deal with medical issues, consult an attorney who specializes in workers compensation (but if he has disability insurance as part of his benefits package that would be a good thing).

The attorney may be able to make a case of increased blood pressure due to the work environment of the boot camp. I would also recommend that he avoid the "extreme voice" need in such an environment.

thanks but see he has to be certified with in a yr at the prison and to do that he has to have boot camp. And since he isn't certified he isn't able to get ne disability benefits from wrk . which sucks , so thats why we are not sure wut to do .

Are you saying that he needs to physically complete boot camp? If he is employed he should be eligible for workers compensation which in his case he should consult a attorney to help ensure he gets the benefits.