Impulsivity, Mood Swings and Rambling

My Father had his craniotomy on Labor Day in which he had to annies clipped. One of which had a small leak on his ocular nerve causing his left eye to close. It is now a month later and he is physically in good health. However, mentally, he has long way to go. He has episodes of mania where he goes on and on about winning the lotto, building shelving, making sandals, etc.

Everything about his recovery is going great, except this one little piece. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior? What types of therapy were most helpful in managing the mania?

I appreciate any input!



Even though your father seems like he is healing so well, he still has a long way to go...his brain had surgery...the swelling takes along time...and it has been touched...causing often an emotional roller coaster....there is no time limit to healing from brain surgery...but everyday the "littlest improvements are truly big one's considering the brain"....try and have patience....and all caretakers need a day off to take care of themselves...

Will keep your family in my prayers...~ Colleen