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Iam afraid to have another BA's, brain cranitomy, clipping ,surgery

I feel so thankful that I survived my first surgery.2 BA’s,craintomy,2clipped on right side.Its just so hard to think I can make through one more.This time 1 BA’s on left side,same as first surgery.Its mostly because when 7 years ago had cardiac arrest at home.My dear husband saved my life CPR.Have pacemaker-difiberator Long-QT’s.And I have Lukeumia.So my brother says;Sis your cat with 9 lives.I laugh but sometimes I think is this going to be to much.My doctor says I have good outlook.Thank you for listening.

Hey Teresa,
I can completely comprehend your thoughts of it being ‘…hard to think I can make through one more…’ My initial surgery was shocking/awful, but all new. My subsequent surgeries have all been worse and I think this was partially because I knew what was coming. I am not a nice patient and this doesn’t help either. I stress too much, put that stress on to everybody around me and then everybody gets stressed out. AAAaaahhhhhh.

All I can say is trust in your doctors. If they say you have a good outlook, then hold on to that. It sounds to me like you’ve certainly been through a fair bit and taking that all into account, you already have the skills to deal with one more. I make that sound easy, but I can assure you, I know it’s not. I personally found the easiest way to accept prior to surgery was to look at it as “I have no control over the surgery, it’s all up to the medical team”. It’s the recovery I had to manage.
Do you know when it’s going to happen?
Please do let us know and know that we will be here if and when you need.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Wow!your so nice.My surgery this time; left side cranitomy,clipping.So I will have matching scars.December 3
at UCLA again.My surgeon was amazing and they were great care.
I will try really hard to be strong.Thank you for your encouraging words.