I want to thank an awesome person, Princess Warrior!

Hey Princess Warrior, this is Alana! I want to thank you publically for your awesome care and kindness!

My husband and I met PW on this forum. This unbelievable beautiful lady came to see us while my husband was in the hospital about 4 days after his clipping. She drove over an hour to come to see us at the hospital and brought a gorgeous ornament signifiying the year both she and Jim (my hubby) had their aneurysms clipped!

PW you are one special person and we have come to love you dearly! You have a huge heart and I know God is so proud of you for helping others who have to face the same thing you did.

You are awesome, thank you!

I hope we can get together again sometime soon, this time hopefully Jim will feel much better!

BTW, he is still having tons of headaches and weird noises but we know, it will take some time to heal.

Love you girl,


Alana...and Princess, you have the most wonderfully delightful connection. I am smiling as I type this. thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Hugs and Prayers


Like Pat....me too Smiling...I love when those on a forum meet in 3D world...how wonderful for all of You...!

Cyber~healing thoughts Jim's way...Colleen

Wonderful story!! I remember her posting about your husband's surgery and recovery. Survivors here to coach you guys through.


Thank you, Alana...

You and Jim are very special to me.. So happy he's doing good and is ALIVE...

I love you guys, you will forever be part of my family..

Much love,



Your posting is exactly why I always refer to my BAF family as the best support around. Kudos to our own PW!!!!