I want to have surgery as soon as possible!

Please pray for me, my headache is getting worsen and worsen everyday, My right eyes sometimes painful and my eyesight is often blared. I want to have surgery as soon as possible but aside from financial problem which I know God will provide for me as soon as the operation started I also have a problem for my neurosurgeon keep me on waiting, since He has so many patient to attend too! Please pray that he may have slot for me and prepare me for my surgery particularly clipping. I'm almost 3 months on waiting for his call. Please pray for him! MY doctor....Thanks and God bless us all!


Girlie Cruz


Arnita I will say a prayer for you. Hope things have gone well for you.

Where do youlive? I will say prayers for you. Nobody should wait so long to see a doctor for any reason.

Have said a prayer for you Arnita-hope everything has gone well for you-and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

I beleive in prayers .....I went through alot and now Iam going to get a brain scan on 2nd one on left side, they didnt want to do it after my bursted one till I was stronger I will find out thursday at 7am. I will pray for you please pray for me also!!!!!!!!

Praying that you get the medical attention that you deserve ASAP.