I am having a follow up MRA/MRI - questions

I am going in this month to get a 6 month follow up MRA/MRI. I was asking questions and was told this is the dye that goes in to the IV.

On your sixth month - or any other follow up - why did you have the "groin" angio instead?

The reason I know the one I am having was because I was asking about having to lay flat for a few hours after the procedure - but that is not the one I am having.

Sorry if this post doesn't make sense, but what one did you have and is there a difference I should be aware of? Will the MRA indicate and show if I need more coils?

Hi Amy-i had the mra with dye but not sure if that was the test that indicated i needed more coils- i don't think so but the really confusing part was after the mra i told the tech i needed it in order to get the angiogram & he says i just gave you an angiogram! apparantly mra's are called angiogram by the techs. i had 2 angiograms2mra 1 recoiling 1 xray not sure in what order or even why,not sure what determined the need for recoiling the mra or the angiogram- sorry i am not more helpful-very confusing-i think the mra is needed before the angiogram for precaution and then they can do angiogram (groin) to view the coils- if this sounds like hogwash to anyone please tell me-but i would call the nuero and ask them they are the experts-anyway good luck with all your tests ,our thoughts and prayers are with you-there clear as mud!!lol

When I went in for my follow up after my three month coiling, they did an MRA at the same time which entailed putting the dye into the groin area to check and see how the coils and annies are doing. My experience was that they took the pics of the brain with MRA while they went into check the coils, this gave me the diagnosis of having the coiled annies compressing slightly and having a residual annie in between the two that were coiled. the other three are still the same. hope this helps.

Hi Amy, I have had 2 six month MRI's without contrast, don't know what the difference is or why you should need one without the other but I am due another in 3 months time, I am assuming it will be the same as before and the surgeons seem to be able to assess and get all the information they need from this one, Jill xx

but my MRA is with the dye but not through the groin area.

I am so confused.