I am happy!

This morning I received my 6 month CTA results after 2 days of waiting, and I have to be honest, I was nervous! But everything came out OK no change. How can those two little words, “no change” make you sooo happy. Have to follow up in one year unless something changes. I can live with that, just have to watch bp and weight. Yeah!!

yay!!! congrats to good health and a long life…God is great


So happy for your news too! Good luck with the bp and weight - I know your struggles!

Kris, congrats...it is so good to hear your news...More blessings to you...


That’s great news. Congrats!

That’s so great! I can imagine the relief - I’m really happy for you!

Congratulations Kris! That is wonderful to hear, I am thrilled for you>