Hypo perfusion

Hi all, I had an unruptured 17mm aneurysm coiled in April 2020. Followed by a stroke in May 2020. I’ve had headaches constantly since the coiling, most days they’re manageable with pain relief. In August 2020 I had a SPECT scan which shown I have cerebral hypo perfusion. The neurosurgeon has given me very little information, when I asked what possible symptoms I could experience he said “your legs might go numb”!! There’s very little information online - has anyone else experienced hypo perfusion?

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Good Morning @Nannyof6! You’re right, most everything I tried to research requires a subscription to a Journal. Sorry, I have none. So a couple of questions: What did the Neurosurgeon say you could do, if anything? Did he/she put you on any medications to help treat it? (I’m ignorant about the treatment). Do you have a Neurologist? Have you checked in with your PCP? I call mine my gatekeeper and want her to know everything the specialists say.

I’m very curious and hopeful that other members will share their experiences

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Hi Moltroub
Thank you for looking.
The neurosurgeon advised I don’t overheat. No medication other than the pain relief for my headaches.
There was a possibility I’d have Cerebral bypass surgery but the risks were too high (20%). I’ve been referred to a cardiologist with the hope he’ll repair a whole in my heart, apparently I’ve had it since birth but it was only diagnosed after the stroke. There’s a chance this could help increase the perfusion.

@Nannyof6, you’re very welcome! I’m really glad you have a follow up with a cardiologist. Isn’t it amazing we can live for years and years not knowing we have an issue? I hope you were able to get an appointment rather quickly with the Cardiologist. Please let us know how it goes…

Keeping you in my thoughts,

All your symptoms are normal however doctors won’t tell you that mine was 2013 and still suffer there is a light at the end of the tunnel