After my emergency coiling in January, I lost my taste for sweets! I couldn’t even look at them ( especially chocolate )! I was giving away all the chocolate my visitors brought. Me! Giving away chocolate? I thought I had lost my mind! The up-side was that I lost weight!
I told my Dr. That all my friends wanted to know what he did up there in my brain… They were very interested in the weight loss! I told him he could make a lot of money with this. Of course, he didn’t go for it.
Well unfortunately, about three months later my taste buds woke up and I went back to my old chocoholic self.
It helps to find some humor along the way…

It girl needs her you shared...~ wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

I woke up wanting chocs and still need them, now got to lose 3/4 stone that's 3 stone minimum !

I saw a tall man say to me "you have been quite good" and held a tray out that I couldn't reach.

He threw the tray of chocs and as he did I saw my hubby and daughter so I went to them as they looked so sad and lonely. I still love chocolate !! Quite good cheek lol



I lost my taste buds after my surgery, too. I thought the hospital food was disgusting (it wasn't - it actually is really good as I always order something during my angios) and I didn't realize until afterward that nothing tasted good. Didn't take long until .......I have gained 32 lbs after the surgery. Wish my tasted buds would go away for awhile. I, too, am a chocoholic.

As long as you are happy Sherri,

I love all food even though I can smell weird smells !! dust, petrol you name it I smell it.

Nothing puts me off eating though.

Be well and we can lose some weight when in the mood. I say this "We have been through hell and back and we are here to tell our tale" so lets enjoy our treats up to a certain extent.

I can fold my arms on belly lol

Hi Anna, yes, humour is the best medicine. After my surgery, I couldn’t have spicy food- my favourite, just the smell of spicy food made me nauseous. I was constantly vomiting, everything I ate so I lost a lot of weight. Now, I 'm back to my old eating habits, spicy food and all. Now, I’ve to watched my weight, and be careful to have balanced meals. Keep, the humour Anna, it helps with the health challenges.