Hubby's surgery scheduled

Hi All, hubby's procedure has been scheduled for July 17th. He suffered a rupture in April 2005, which was coiled. The coils held but unfortunately this latest proceedure is for regrowth of the previously coiled annie, it measures 8mm x 8mm and is located at the left ACA. As of now they plan on coiling and possibly a stent. I am thankful and afraid in the same breath. Prayers and luck to all on this site and thanks for listening.

hi Dana-thank for the wishes & prayers-Glad you are here with us,also praying for you and yours!

Prayers for your hubby!!!!!! I pray that the surgeons will have the perfect plan and he will recover from the surgery quickly and not have any further problems with it!!!! Prayers for you too!!! I am not on the "spouse" side as that was my hubby, but I know it is hard for you too!!!!! God bless you both!

Thanks to you both and I'll be sure to post after the procedure...

Prayers for you Anne!!!!!

I definitely will Anne, and sending prayers your way. So sorry to hear about yours returning. I know it was gut wrenching news for you. Please let me know what you decide to do. It's getting close and hubby is starting to wonder if it would be better to consider getting his clipped but the risks are so much greater with that it scares me to death....will be in touch.

Thinking of YOU BOTH this morning!!! Prayers for great success!!!

Hi all, so hubby made it through surgery Tuesday, woohoo!!! Thank the Lord. Can't say it was the best experience I've ever had with a hospital but they were able to coil it. The dr. told us it was one of the hardest cases he's ever dealt with (hubby tends to be difficult anyway ;)) and that the annie has a very strange shape now. It is no longer berry shaped but has actually grown somewhat around the original and now has more of a mushroom shape with a wide neck (wifey's response "ummm urra okayyy"). After the procedure they thought he may have had a small stroke so they woke him up quickly and when they did, I guess it was a shock to his system and he kinda flipped out and had to be restrained....he's kindof a big guy so it took a few folks to do it....yikes!! After some observation they don't believe he was affected but time will tell.

Afraid I've come home just a bit more confused than when we went in, even after asking multiple, numerous, and anything I could think of, questions..... but the dr. want to follow up in 3 weeks so maybe we will be able to clear up some confusion. Dr. has informed us they want to keep a close eye on him as we may have to recoil again in the near future..................booo!! The other crazy thing is, surgery on Tues. where he was sent to ICU, then sent home following day by 11!!

After all is said and done, he is doing pretty well, has a constant headache and left eye pain and some fatigue, but he is home and getting around very well and still know who we are and who he is (shewww) and has for the most part is acting like his old this I mean he is taking total advange of his mother and I, and I wouldn't want it any other way.....

Thanks again for all the support of the folks on this site, will update when we know more.

So happy to hear he is doing well …sorry about the craziness and confusion though! Hope you get answers at follow up!!!

hi Dana!our thoughts and prayers are withyou & yours

Wow, that IS a lot of crazy info.....they do tend to give a lot of info and seems that depending on who you talk to they seem to say the same thing's mind boggling sometimes. I do my best to keep asking questions until I feel like I have a clue what going on. :) Hubby doesn't ask anything, he's just - ahh whatever -

Though I'm sooo happy and thank God his surgery was successful I'm having issues with LACK of info this time. Hopefully we will know more on the follow up and if not then I'm gathering all of his records just in case we have to go somewhere else. We'll be praying for you and please keep me updated.

So how has your recovery been? Have you gotten back to......somewhat normal?? I know that's more of a relative term now :)

thanks Jo!!

Me too, fingers and toes crossed....

Thanks Tera!

Thanks Ron!!

Hes had a headache since the surgery but that’s almost gone now. His biggest complaint is some constant eye pain and fatigue, but other than that he’s doing pretty good, everyday has been a better than the last, so we’re both thankful. Plus he gets grumpy when he gets bored but that’s a good sign to me. :). I guess you could say he’s getting back to his “new normal” much faster than the first time…
He couldn’t drive for six months after the rupture and that drive him insane but this time he has had no restrictions.

Glad you are doing well Anne!!!! I don't know about you, but it irritates the fire out of me when people says "well you look normal" or "like you always did".....grrrr...okay anyway I am praying that the recoiling doesn't cause too much in the way of set backs.....and I will be praying!!

thank you Dana for posting and also for your thoughts and prayers! May the good Lord calm your fears and provide much healing for you & yours. Prayer & hope will get us thru these "storms" in our lives, so nice of you to share! now we can all participate in the prayers!