How to handle information overload after surgery

I’m just wondering if anyone has information on how to handle a few symptoms that I’m having since my aneurism surgery. My surgery was A craniotomy on the left side it’s been about six months now and I’m on the road to recovery. I just have a few problems like information overload, Dr. Calls it brain fade… Sometimes it seems like my brain just Overload me with hundreds of thousands of thoughts at the same time. It’s very disconcerting and sometimes stressful. This also happens when it’s time to go to bed I’m trying to relax and I can’t shut the brain off. Then after a bit of time I get slow and lethargic. You can also occur if I’m in a conversation with more than two people. Any thoughts how to deal with it

Yes EvanW! Reduce your caffeine. I was an avid drinker of coffee and hot tea all day long. Caffeine never bothered me. Now I have a 2:00 pm limit, no caffeine after that. When going to bed, use some white noise, something your brain can focus on, it’s a bit of work and doesn’t happen over night. For conversations, it may just be your brain is tired. Try to keep them simple and to a minimum. Two other people talking can be a bit overwhelming.

For everything, try relaxation breathing. You need to practice a lot - before you get out of bed, before each meal, when you go to the bathroom, before and during a conversation and when you go to bed. Above all else, don’t forget to stay properly hydrated and eat protein - two things our brains absolutely require after any type of procedure.d

Thanks for tour help

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