How to fight mental disability without being irritable at others?

I finally formed my problem into a question: "Oh God, why can't I be blissfuly happy?" Well he indicated that it is my anger is my problem. Its a dark veil over my eyes. I see the world through my frustration with having a slow brain, slurred speeech. It's humiliating thinking that yourelf has become stupid. I make me angry that I not smart. I project it all out into resentment of the smart guys.

My therapist commented that any person who's become disabled has to fight to live normally. But fighting way through the fuzzy tangle in our head, is like .................. (fill in your word) My enemy is like a thick heavy lump, my fight is like a sharp point.

My wife is coming to the end of her tether with me being so irritable. So I am searching to learn how to fight my disabillty without snapping at my beloved helper.

Through be warned I had my aneurism hemorage 14 years ago, so don't expect a quick solution.

There should be a book like "How to fight without being irritable" . * sounds like a Kung Fu book, maybe I should look into that. Or even reguar boxing? Isn't it true that regular boxers have to keep a cool head. SAying that reminds me that inhot weather I find an ice pack on my head does actually help me feel smarter. What do you think?

What ideas have you found that stop you being irritable?

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