How to deal with this situation

hello every one, its bright a beautiful today in nova scotia canada, my name is douglas and i have recently had a cta with worrysum results, i showed a 2mm pouch like thing on and artery in the circle of wills in my brain yet to be diagnosed as a ture aneurysm, and possiblilty of one is low, only thing in my life that could cause to develop would be smoking, it still scares me, i dont really have the knowledge to comfort me right now, my gp was great introducing me to the results he laughed and said i dont want you to worry many people have things show up in the complacated mass that is your brain, he told me because its you i will send you asap for an mra beacuse you worry soo much, i love my gp he treats me like a father he was there the day i was born and has allways be a cofidant in my life, and has never lead me down the wrong path, but he is a busy man he teachs, and runs a medical clince soo my last vist was short and left me with a few unanswerd questions, the mra could potentaly give negitive results, in how i wonder how to handle the situation, i am young i smoke i like to drink even tho its been cut to a bare minimum i love my social life again has been cut out, and i enjoy being young right now, i m worryed to put any strain on my body or i might just fall to apart , i need to know what could this be other then a aneurysm and what is the likelyhood of it being that, its very small only 2mm and my trusted doctor told me not to worry at all not even in the slightest, but i cant help it any one with some knowledge on this subject i would be appericate you to share thank you.

ps. i feel a litte bad because i know most of the people hear are suffering way worse then me and all i have manage to do is talk about my self, so i would like you to know that anybodie out there who is suffering from this horrible realtiy and the consequens of it i am praying for you and i will never compare my sturggle to the likes of yours, anybodie who has had this affect there lives are extreamly brave and my heart will go out to you

Hi Douglas,
It’s o.k. to talk about yourself, especially here! So you have what I described to my family as a hot air balloon shaped thing in your head! Mine was also in the Circle of Willis but 5 mm. The MRA is your next step. It will rule out (or confirm) the actual condition of it (you don’t want it leaking). I was clipped 12.5 years ago at age 40. I smoked (still do–my bad) and drink (my bad again…) Smokers are more prone to aneurysms but they don’t know why. Trust your doctor at this point. I don’t know if yours is already causing problems, they may want to wait and watch it.
Mine was bigger & pressing on my optic nerve. Take this one step at a time. It hasn’t ruptured so you have time to find out what is really going on; but please don’t ignore it! You probably won’t just fall apart if you actually have a life, but get the MRA and talk to your doctor. (If it’s not causing a problem now, you may have a better chance of getting hit by a car while walking across the street at this point! Sorry… just trying some humor here–It helps alot through an anny!) Your doctor sounds like a great man!
Keep me posted and good luck!