How many others are haveing the surgey over Thanksgiveing. And what have you done to get ready?

I myself have shaved my own head , it made my wife smile :slight_smile: , I will have the surgey on the 23rd.
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Frederick,(my middle name b-t-w)sorry to hear about you having the surgery,my wife had it in '99 around Easter,and will be having another surgery sometime in the future.I was just reading your post about you shaving your own head before the surgery,and I laughed.About 9 years ago my hair almost touched the small of my back,then to relieve some of the tension with the missus I aquired a 1952 chevy pickup and starte restoring it,well tools started disappearing everytime I crawled from under the truck,but my hair felt heavier than when I went under the truck,low and behold the tools were tangled in my hair,well I wanted to cut it for awhile anyhoo so I lobbed it off to shoulder length with no avail,then I thought"what if I shaved it all off" IT WORKED!! and I’ve been shaving ever since,I looked like the biker from hades before and people steered clear of me,now they just stay on the other side of the street.I know it doesnt have anything to do with your post but I saw the pics in your profile and I think you look good and remember bald is beautiful baby…Bill

I agree with Bill, bald IS beautiful Frederick. :slight_smile: Sending good vibes for your surgery to go smoothly and for a wonderful recovery.

We will be praying for you over Thanksgiving.