How long does it take brain swelling to come down?

My mother had an aneurysm clipped 16days ago. Unfortunately, it did some bleeding from the bed of the aneurysm causing her brain to swell. She has been unresponsive since then. Her neurologist says she will be okay only its going to take weeks for recovery but the MD of ICU says that its been too long and she should have already done some recovery. Yet I have read alot of inspiring stories of people who were in coma and woke up...I have faith she will wake up.

Hi Soraida,

I will pray with you that your mother will have a miraculous recovery. I have personal knowledge of two people who recently had strokes, went into comas and are now on their way to a full recovery.

May God be with you both.


Faith and Hope are very important...hold on to them with all your might...~ Cyber~prayers your way Colleen

Thank you Carole.

Colleen, yes I have Faith and Hope but patience is what I need to pray for. I

You got it ... I will pray for you on "patience"...and me too...