How long did you have a headache before your burst?

Did your headache just come out of nowhere or did it last longer. I had a headache for a whole week before it burst. Doctors do not believe me, so I was wondering if anyone else had a week long headache they could not get rid of before their burst?

And if you did what did you do about it?

I’ve had a headache off and on for going on 2 months now, it’s almost every day but my doctor says we shall wait and check it again in six months. I’ve spoken to two docs now that say the same thing. I’m getting a check up at the mayo clinic next week. If they say the same thing I’ll quit worrying! :slight_smile:

Did you have a burst? I had a burst and still get headaches on occassion but I was curious how long you had a headache before it burst and had to have surgery?

hello- I have headaches since the age of 16. I always took the GOODY powder plus a coke-this ALWAYS helped. When I stopped taking those two months later i had an aneurysm burst!!! I guess it depends on the person

I ruptured around 7:00 pm but did not seek medical attention for aprox 14 hours. It started with the usual thunderclap headache that brought me to my knees which lessened in pain as time progressed but came back in a huge fury shortly before I got my butt to emerg. The headache was actually managable for breif times between my rupture and hospital arrival. A wiser person would of gone to hospital sooner…

I was in fact diagnosed with migraines at a young age but had grown out of them completely. I now have regular migraine headaches that my neuro feels may of re-started because of my rupture. There are large differences between the thunderclap headache and the migraines.

Yes, I did have a headache for over a week before it burst. Nothing worked to take it away and I tried a lot of different things. I had suffered from migraines in my teens but not so much when this started but I thought that maybe the migraines had returned for some reason. My doctor did not question me with the headahces. He indicated that more recent studies have started to recognize these as potential warning signs. I think that as more people survive these ruptures because of technology they are learning more about them.

I had a bad headache for oh I can’t remember how long before my rupture. Actually, I was working in very stressful post-hurricane recovery and just thought it was job stress, I had a stiff neck also and would ask my husband to rub my neck every night. On the day my aneursym ruptured my co-workers tell me I was complaining all day of a really bad one. Mine ruptured June 2006 about 10pm when I had serious vision problems due to the large amount of blood in the optic nerves, just before I went to bed and within 10 minutes of the rupture I was in a coma. But I survived, had a helicopter ride to a trauma center, surgery and months later a 2nd surgery on an un-ruptured one. Anyway, all is well! I was very blessed as we all are. By the way, I got pretty bad ones after the surgeries and still once in a while get one that will kinda scare me. But I have found that if I try not to focus on the headache and my husband reminds me to take some asprin or motrin, they go away. Smile and think positive! And yes the doctors asked me “didn’t you have headaches” and I have answered yes, everyday, bad ones!

I so agree with you on the not focusing on it and soon it goes away. Thinking positive is such a profound way to live and I live that way everyday. I will still get a little upset when one comes but then remind myself I am ok and to not let it bother me. I am sure there will always be an underlying fear, but not letting it control you and get the best of you, will help us all stay healthy and live long lives in the end. Many Blessings to all!! Stay strong!

I got a major pain in my head out of nowhere. I knew I had an aneurysm and was told to go immediately to hospital if that occurred but I’m also a migraine sufferer and thought that maybe this was a really BAD different migraine. My doc had predicted my aneurysm would never burst when it was found two years earlier. Soooo. I took meds and ice packs and went to bed. Next day headache was gone but I felt extremely bruised and nauseated. My hubby suggested the hospital but I told him I would see what tomorrow would bring. Next day I was still so nauseated I knew it wasn’t right. Got to hospital and was given immediate Cat Scan where they found blood in my brain and sent me to major hospital by ambulance. I was very fortunate. It had burst but sealed itself. Don’t want to think about what would have happened had it not done that.

As far as I recall, I got a sudden, severe headache out of nowhere and (luckily) called 911…