How Do You get a Doctor to listen

It all started March 1, 2012. My husband had a severe headache and severe neck pain, it took him a while to get out of bed, he slowly did and he was severely dizzy and his balance was not good. He got dressed for work very slowly and he noticed that his left side only about 30% strength. As i was wacthing him i noticed the left side of his face was droopy, not really bad i just noticed there was a difference from the other side. I took him into the ER and they ran an Ct and a EKG both normal. He does have back problems but he has had them for a long time. So they said it was probably Nerve Neuropathy. We have talked to other medical professionals outside of the medical setting and i have been told that he needs either an MRI or a CTA. He has not gotten any better he has only declined in his health. He only worked about 4 days in march due to his health and he worked when he felt good in april which was not many days he did go in even if he was feeling crappy, he had help and he was basically just there not really doing anything but having his presence there. On May 3, 2012 he was at work ( He sells Kirby Vaccums and it is still door to door sales) he was in a neighborhood driving about 5 mph next to a curb and he was talking to one of the others he works with, he remembers hanging up the phone but then the next thing he knows is one of the other guys was pounding on the driverside window to get his attention, he was leaned over the steering wheel past out. He refused to go to the hospital because he has been told nothing is wrong. I made him go the next day and they told him it was insomina and dehydration why he was feeling this way. They did give him IV fluids but he was not better and still is not better. he gets confused at times on where he is at. Something is really wrong and i am at a lost on what to do. We have no insurance. Can someone help. We live in Marble Falls Texas and need help.

Before he past out over the steering a little earlier that he had the most severe pressure in the back of his head he has ever felt

Hi Kimberly,

I am so sorry to read of the trials that you and your husband are having. Since Marble Falls is ~ 1 hour from Austin, please take your husband to St David’s in Austin as soon as possible (if you haven’t done so already). St. David’s is recognized in Neurology and Neurosurgery.

May God bless you and your husband with a competent and caring medical team.

Best wishes,