How do you get a 2nd opinion?

I finally got my doc to refer me for a 2nd opinion to another facility and they said they may not accept me! I guess you have to be a special case or something to get a 2nd opinion? I am not a special case but my friends tell me I should get another opinion and more info. How did you all do it? I’ve read on this site people have gotten 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions sometimes. I can’t get my original Dr. to tell me anything about my aneurysm and now I may not be able to get a 2nd opinion? I was just hoping to find a doc who would explain some of this to me and maybe even show me a picture or 2? I thought I should have a little more information should something happen when I’m out of town or something. Maybe not…

go within your insurance/ whatever you have, and ask for a referral to see a neurologist, and want some tests run, as you do not feel "RIGHT", and this is not like anything you've ever experienced. this is your right!!!! as a patient, as a person, and if you do not feel comfortable with the dr. you have been given, ask for another dr., you can request these things.... after all, you are their primary goal, their job is to help you get better.

call the state medical board, if you think you have been treated unfairly, this, too, is your RIGHT!!!!

many good thoughts/ prayers going up for you, and let everyone know how things are going.

like mary ann said go see a neurologist and start over so to say, i know the feeling of being out of town but we have to live with that. Just make sure you have the local hospital number.

dont ask …dont tell…you dont tell them its a 2nd opinion, then nones the wiser…you can also request a dvd copy of ur mra to have to take to any other drs appt…good luck sweety…just curious?? wat city n state do u live n?