How do I keep my Husbands spirits up while he is recovering?

My Husband suffered an aneurysm on March 14th 2010. For a long time, he was unable to talk and he is bed ridden at this time. He had a stroke right after his aneurysm and has extensive damage to the right side of his brain. I was told that the right side of his brain was completely gone and he would never be able to talk or walk and that I should not hope for him to recover much. I could not accept that. I know my husband and knew that he was a fighter. We finally got them to put a shunt in and replaced his brain cap that they had removed to allow for swelling. He is now doing so much better. He can talk now and much of his personality has returned in spades. Now I am finding that the more he improves the more he wants to come home. I would LOVE to bring him home, but he is still bed ridden and I am not able to take care of him at home like he would need. He is becoming more and more angry that he is stuck in this care facility even though I see him every day and spend the day with him. Every evening, when it comes time for me to go home, he becomes angry and hurt that he can’t go with me. Do you have any suggestions on things I can do to help him with this?

That’s tough especially at this time of year. I’d continue to visit him and talk about the progress that he has made. It sounds like he has come a long way. Maybe you could let him do some small things for you while you are visiting. Even changing the channel on the tv or reading a story from the newspaper. Anything to show he can do things. Tell him how proud you are of him and much happy you are to see him doing better. It’s a tough balance to be supportive without being unrealistic but I wouldn’t want to say anything about staying. If you haven’t you should tell him you know he’s a fighter and how much confidence you have in him.

Thank you Thomas ! I will never give up on him ! He has come a long way…I taught him to use the remote, I got him to talking, teaching him how to use the phone. I tell him several times a day how proud I am of him. We read, play uno, and other games but he still gets so frustrated and angry…I try not to let it get to me but now I have noticed Im starting to get stressed…what can I do until I can get him in rehab ? Thank you for … just listening.