How big does an aneurysm have to be before the Dr's recommend coiling

G'day from Australia, am new to this site & so far have found it very informative. Can anyone answer my question please? thank you, MaryLou

May 2005 I suffered a stroke, caused by a cerebral aneurysm. It was then discovered that I had 4 others, 3 were coiled & 1 was too small to be coiled. I was in a coma & on life support for 3 week. Whilst I was 'awake' I was 'off the air' & have no memory from May to November. When a shunt was put in, I 'woke up' so to speak. I have yearly CT scans & MRI's so the Dr's can keep an eye on the others. This week I found out I have another small one in the front of the brain. Again too small to be coiled. My mothers side of the family have had aneurysms, with 3 of my uncles & a great-grandfather dying from them. My twin brother had an MRI & an aneurysm was found, which was consequently coiled. One query I have is how big does the aneurysm have to be before the decision to coil? I forgot to ask the Dr & can't seem to find an answer on the net?

Mary Lou...welcome to this site... anticipate you will get a lot of support from the people here...particularly those who have had genetic/related aneurysms...and w/multiple aneurysms... some I know w/genetics have only one aneurysm...I have no memory of the genetic study data on this a few years ago..

Again, welcome, and wishing you the best response from so many here w/either/both genetic and/or multiple aneurysms...

thank you for the welcome, I look forward to hearing from others…again many thanks MaryLou

Hi MaryLou,

I don't know the exact answer that you're looking for but since my annie was found and then clipped. Screening started for members of my family. First my Mum was screened and she has a 4 mm on carotid artery which is coilable the Dr said. She still hasn't made a decision on what to do at this point though.


Hi Tina, thank you for that. cheers MaryLou


I had a vascular cardiologist tell me that they usually wait until it's 5mm. With brain aneruysms I believe it might be a smaller number and also dependent on symptoms. Good luck and good health!!

Hi Ed,

I'm a bit confused, in the first instance you said "they usually wait until it's 5mm", what was that for? as you then said with brain aneurysms it might be a smaller number ? could you clarify that for me please?

thank you


Hi Ed,

OMG ...I've just figured out what you are saying......deerrrrr! ....I'm a bit slow 'it's the brain injury'........besides I'm 'down under' so it take a bit longer to get here......hahaha !!

thank you


Hi MaryLou and welcome!

So sorry to hear all you've been through. I have a 3mm cerebral aneurysm they're watching. In fact I have my first 6 month check next month. My doc told me they don't treat until they're at least 7mm. I've seen a lot of info here that there's much more involved in their decision than just size. However, my doc didn't go into any of it with me. Just said no worries it's small. Good luck and good health to you.


hi mary lou,

i had a 5mm rupture at the basilar tip of the artery,,its was coiled ...from other situations i have read on here it seems location has alot to do with being a candidate...i have read where two or three annys coiled at the same time..thru angiogram...

Hi Mitch,

thank you for the welcome & info, the 2 that I have are only 2.5mm, so I guess as long as they don't grow I should be ok.

Everyday is a bonus.

Good health to you too Mitch.


Hi Michelle

thank you for you info. I have learnt more from this site & others stories (in the last 2 days) than the Dr's etc have told me in the 6 years since my stroke, although I might be 'hearing' more all the time too.

They don't seem to be able to talk in 'laymen's' terms.



Hi Paula, I haven't been on this site for a long time, as you can see & have been having some difficulty navagating around as have forgotten how to. Thanks for the info & great to see you are here in Adelaide, funny how we have connected via the USA when we are in the same city, in Oz. Thank the universe for the internet, how did we do without it?

According the last MRI I had there is another annie, again about 2.5mm, the Dr suggests they just keep an eye on them, my next MRI is in June 12, most days I don't think about them, but then occasionally I freak & think I'm a walking time bomb, but then every one is in one way or another, but as Doris would say Que sera sera, cheers