How bad is Second hand smoke?

Hi Everyone.

I have an unruptured aneurysm behind my left that was dignosed when I was 22. They stented and coiled it and I have been good for the last four years. I am 26 now and just went to get my yearly MRI and they found out it has grown 2mm. The doctor told me second hand smoke can increase growth 3-4x more likely in women. I work in a Casino where second hand smoke is pretty much everywhere in the building. They have a few non smoking sections but I really dont think it makes a difference if your sitting in the first row and the second row is smoking. They have a pretty good ventalation system but I serve cocktails and am dealing with walking thru and talking to costumers waving and blowing cigarette smoke in my face. I was wondering what you guys thought about this. Ive been there for 5 years. I'm afraid of starting a new job and change. I know my health is more important then anything tho. Do you think I should or should not be working in a place with second hand smoke? How bad is the risk?

You know, i'm sure 2nd hand smoke can have its problems with people, however there is a huge difference between inhaling cigarette smoke via smoking a cigarette verses overall 2nd hand smoke being in the same room as you,....granted it can't be a good thing, but is your doctor saying thats the bottom line reason your annie has grown?

If so,well, I find it difficult to believe that 2nd hand smoke would be the reason your aneurysm has grown. and furthermore how he could pinpoint that as the reason (and to do so with a straight face?) is beyond comprehension, as there are countless more likely reasons its grown (such as, the nature of your veins/arteries for instance, ) and many coiled aneurysms--last I knew about %25 of coiled annies--require recoiling due to growth or due to the coils moving/getting displaced due to its growth, -- which doesn't mean you are a smoker but simply means you are in the %25 percenter group! I was in that group as well and instead of having more coils added I was able to get a clipping in order to 'end the madness' of the coils. I think quitting your job is not the 1st thing i'd think of doing, not if you like it and not due to the 2nd hand smoke...if it does bother you, make a change. if not, I wouldn't. Just my thoughts! Peace to you, Janet

hi sammyjo~~ so sorry you are subjected to such awful working conditions, your dr is right-second hand is very bad-even moreso when you are working and breathing at an excellerated rate. The numbers are in and they are very staggering. Please look for another job- your lungs, heart and vessels will thank you. Any doctor would agree. they are professionals and they know their advice. This is why smoking is banned in public places- state after state are enacting laws. I actually blame my forefathers for my sah since my surgeon said I had it since birth- I was smoking while still in the womb!! Dad smoked like a chimney in the car and house, Children are especially vulnerable sinse they are still developing and breathe at a greater rate. I know how hard and stressful changing jobs is and my heart goes out to you but please think positive knowing you will greatly increase your chances of good health. Good luck in your new ventures. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers! I forgot this-its staggering


We all know that smoking and 2nd hand smoke is bad for us, it is a proven fact. I know throughout the years and certainly in the more recent years everything seems to be blamed on smoking and breathing 2nd hand smoke. My surgeon definitely said that growing up with 2nd hand smoke in the home and cars for the first 19 years of my life contributed to my aneurysm. I was not a smoker myself. But, he also said that due to the fact that in January 2012 I went to the hospital with issues going on with my heart and my Blood Pressure was 216/113 and it was out of control my aneurysm blew up like a balloon. Of course, we really don't know what size it was before, because we didn't know I had one before July 2012, nor do I know how long my Blood Pressure may have been high. I had only been going to the doctor when I was sick and my Blood Pressure would be high but they would always blame it on my being sick. I would imagine that smoking can cause Blood Pressure to go up and we know cigarettes are bad for arteries and so is high Blood Pressure the combination can be deadly. Not too mention the genetic makeup of a lot of us. I have aneurysms in my family as well as a lot of heart disease and artery disease.

I don't know that you need to quit your job, but your surgeon is an expert in the field. You certainly need to have a job to go to before quitting and financial stress could even be worse I would think.

I am with Jo, I trust God and He truly is the only one that knows exactly why any of us have our aneurysms and why they grow when they do. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you are having to make a decision to either stay with your current job or look for a new one.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Thank you for commenting. They have said I was born with my annie also. My grandmother has two. Thanks for the prayers!

Thank you all for your input. It makes me feel a little better about whatever changes that may come my way.

I'm thinking I am in that 25%. I hope I can opt to get more coils I am really afraid of clipping. I have a young two year old daughter and I just want to be around and as healthy as can be for her. So whatever I have to do I will but I am super scared to have my head opened up for clipping. Also how is your scaring in your hair for that?

I was going to add my 2 cents ... but after reading so many responses in the post...I think you have gotten a lot of good advice...~ keep us posted on what your next plan of action...~ Colleen

Yes, we have a tendency to write books sometimes LOL or at least chapters.

~ Carol