Hope for recovery

I am looking forward to when he can start therapy…they are increasing his dosage of the lobe stimulating medication, he showed some good signs yesterday so we are continuing to hope for a good recovery. Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it.

Thanks you, my husband is a pharmacist so we have some good insight into my brother’s medications. I appreciate your insight and concerns. Thanks again.

I just noticed your dog on your profile picture…is it a GSP? I have one and your pup looks suspiciously like mine but it is hard to tell in such a small pic!

She’s a pound pup. She has coloring like a GSP, does point at deer, squirrels, and some birds; acts like the N.C. Mountain Fiest, and sometimes shows a little Bully. She’s just under my weight limit coming in at 38 pounds. She used to catch a lot of squirrels at our other home, the ones here stay about 8-9 feet up the trees or more.

I’m glad your husband is a pharmacist, it’s extremely helpful!