Hi - New to Site

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am new to the site, just found it a few weeks ago and have been trying to read posts. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and am looking forward to being able to get to know you all and help offer support to others if I can.


Hi, glad to meet you!

Hello Shelly!

Hi Shelly,

Glad to meet you, this is a great site, isn’t it.

Take Care

It is a great site and thanks everyone.

Hello and welcome! Hope the spammers go away and leave us alone soon!

Hi, I just found this site today and have spent most of the day just reading posts. My aneurysm ruptured 3 months ago. I was very blessed to be near an excellent hospital and one of the top neurosurgeons in the country when it happened. I am doing very well and hope to return to work in the next few months.

hi shelly welcome to the site…hope your doing well …

Hi Shelly!!

Welcome to this wonderful site!!! The BAF is an amazing organization - making progress everyday and bringing us one step closer to earlier detection of brain aneurysms and increasing awareness!!

Hope to get to learn more about you!


Hi I to just recently found out that I have a aneurysm and this is a great sight,my surgery is set up for the 29th add me as your friend and I would love to talk to you.Mine is in the middle of the brain.


Welcome to the site. It’s a great place for support.

My aneurysm ruptured in March and I was blessed to have one of the top doctors in the county in the hospital when I went in. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.


well how are you doing from your surgery and where was your aneurysm,I am having the surgery for mine on the 28th.Waited all day for the call and when it came in I thought i was going to pass out.Now comes the worried,getting things around my home in order for my husband to know where important paperwork is and the bills.i still have a 13 and a15 year old teens,and just had my Ist grandbaby,with one more to come in Nov.I hear and read alot of stories but I am not sure who has the same type and wo they are.But i love the fact of seeing the people that won their fight.I lost my Grandmother and her sister to this disease.well you take care,and keep in touch with me.Thanks

Busy time getting the house and family ready for you to be gone.
Write lists of things.
Don’t forget to have you will up to date - then you won’t worry about it, because it’s all done.
A 13 year old and 15 year old can take turns in cooking for themselves, and need to be included in the daily household chores.
Then concentrate on relaxing.
Closer to the date arrange a different person to visit you on each day. The more different people who come, the less reaction there is to not knowing.
Also fill an ipod with your favourite music, so that you can listen to it afterwards. Chose the music very carefully so that it won’t trigger any sad memories. Fill your days with upbeat, happy, joyful music. It’s a treat, and it really works.
Best of luck.