soo after my cta i have a imfedbulim possible anuresym but likey not …and tonight im drinking im wondering of the dangours of this im 20 and the doc says its 99% not and anuerysm just lookin for info

Please do not drink until you discover exactly what is wrong.

tried to google this condition called imfedbulim…sorry nuthing came up for the search…whatever the case may be anything done in an overindulgent manner can not be good for you…and taking your age into consideration,normally this situation usually happens in women over 40…but i have heard of people having annys thAT were as young as 16,not to scare you or anything but just take care of your body and if there is any history ever cerebral anuerysms in your family its probably a good idea to get tested anually…i am 42 had my anny rupture at 41 w/o and family history but have chose to get my children 21& 16 tested…good luck and i will keep u in my prayers that it is nothing serious,take care n God Bless…stay away from the cigs…lol…these are just no good altogether

Hi Douglas,

An Infundibulum is 2 mm or less in diameter and has a regular in shape. It is not yet an aneurysm, it is just a nub on the artery. I have one, but it has NOT drastically changed size or shape in the 4 years since my other aneurysm ruptured.

Your Infundibulum may never change. Many people have these their entire lives, into their 80s and beyond with no problems.

I’m glad that your doctor picked up your Infundibulum during your CTA. I’m sure he/she plans on watching it with a 3T MRI/MRA (no radiation, as opposed to a CTA) over the years to come. I’m sure he/she will explain all this to you when you speak again. Whatever you do, DON’T SMOKE!