Heriditary or what

My wife's brother had an aneurysm in an artery to his heart, he had a stent filtted and survived. Some years later my wife had a brain aneurysm which caused her death. Should I have our children check out, you son of 13 has always had short term memory problems which was subsequently diagnosed and signposted when the school realised he was not picking up the alphabet or numerics. HE gets a lot of headaches and on one instance started vomiting which our GP attributed to "classic migrane". Can I get my children checked out has anyone got advice for UK hospitals who might help us?

I am not familiar with the UK but I can tell you that I would have all my children scanned. My father had a brain AVM and I had two aneurysms. My siblings and children were all scanned and this was recommended by my neurosurgeon.

My Dr. told me that my children needed to be checked at age 30. With your childs symptoms I would think he should be checked now.

Hi Jim,

Yes you should, I agree with Donna, I had a uncle and a Grandfather that died from aneurysm and my sister has one that is being watched. I am sorry but I am not familiar with U.K either.

Many thanks - I have already suggested to out doctors I feel there is more going on particularly with my 13 year old but so far the diagnosis on three visits has been firstly to relate the problems to the muscle group at the base of the neck and more recently on the single instance of vomiting the doctor diagnosed migraine. My daughter has had migraine diagnosed since the age of 13 she is now in her 30’s. I will try again more directly to see if I can make the doctor investigate matters further. Many thanks for your ssupport. Jim