At 8:13pm on January 3, 2013, patrick cochrane said…

Hello to all.

I had a AVM Hemorrhage / Aneurysm back in 6/97. The last rights were issued and I survived. I was in contact with BAF members quite allot back years ago. Life went on and I got a new computer. I have very bad memory issues, so I just now remembered the Brain Aneurysm Foundation site.

I wrote my story back in about March, 2000. St. Patrick's Day. I think it was entitled,
"I survived a Knock Out Punch"

If anyone out there can find an old lost letter, please help. I would appreciate that very much.

It started for me back in 97. My sons birthday and graduation from high school. It took me about 8 weeks to kind of get straight. That never happened completely. I have titanium in my brain, right hip, left knee, and left hip. I still have life's issues and then couple it with our economy, well, I have headaches often! I'm alive, take my brain pills, and happy pills everyday, and try Again. I have fallen, however this pure blood Irishman Will get Up. Sure is amazing, how the brain memory, can come and go and I don't even know it !

Peace ~ Love


To My Fellow Irishman is amazing to hear long term survivor stories...all the titanium in your body, we can call you the Bionic Irishman...Thank~you for sharing...I wish I could find your letter...but I was not at BAF in 2000...~ Have a Beautiful day ~ Colleen

Patrick, I just sent you a link to your email. Check it out but its from St. Patricks day of 2005 but with the same title. Best wishes, Jeanne


Thanks for the help. Now I have to figure out how to find what mentioned. Computers and I dont always work well together.



If you want me to post the link here let me know. The link has a picture of you and your story, but as I said it is from St. Patty's 2005. Unless I am reading it wrong. My brain doesn't work as well anymore either. Jeanne

Jeanne, Please post it or send it to me so I can see if it is my story. Probably is. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Im still trying to figure out how the site works. Thats a who learning session for me !


Here is the site. Hope it's what you need. Jeanne

Hi Patrick...I have read what Jeanne and written to you and I am a bit confused...your story posted on Discussion, however, if you are looking for an old letter from BAF I am unsure where you are to find it...unless you write to the Administration here at this site...let me know if that is what you are requesting...~ Colleen

Hi Colleen.

Will this site open for you. If so, could it be loaded onto the BAF site.