Help - I need some advice

I am having the coiling and stent done Mon the 24th. The past week I have spent at the hospital and nursing home because of an elderly man that was dying, only I and doctors didn't know it (he was an ex-neighbor of mine with no relatives and I became his guardian). He was the reason I didn't go the neurosurgeon earlier as I had to move him into a nursing home, give away all of his things, etc. He died Tuesday night and I have the funeral tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have gotten a horrible cold, my heart rate is really low, which is worrying the hospital (normally in the 60's, the past month it's been in the 40's). Wednesday at my pre-op appt. it had gone up from 43 to 48. Anyone else had this?

My house is a mess, I have foster kittens that are still too sick to go back to the shelter, I need to work on Steve's estate next week. How will I feel afterward? The doctor says I will be in ICU Monday after the surgery - the next day transferred to a reg room, and then I could probably go home late Tuesday if I don't have any complications. Today I picked up a 42 lb bag at the store, started feeling funny in my head like slight tingling all over the top, which scared me. Probably just getting really nervous and have so much to do. Thanks for listening,


You should not be lifting anythng or bending over; I could only lift 5 pounds and no bending over after my procedure. Things will all work out in time. Please take care of yourself and rest and recuperate. YOU LUCKY to be alive and functioning well. Please do not overdo it! Your in my thoughts and prayers. This man’s house is not going anywhere. I hope you have friends and relatives to stay with you and provide assistance until your well on the road to recovery

Thanks Rhea, but I haven’t had it yet - the surgery is on the 24th.

Hi Sherri,

I can't comment on the heart rate, my blood pressure drops really low before and after the surgery. I had liquid embolization on an ICA annie. Lifting is definitely not part of your program now or after for a while. I am post op 3 1/2 months and have been put back on restrictions, only 10 lbs, no pulling, pushing, etc. Also, had to reduce my hours at work. You need to look out for yourself right now. Don't over do it..I went back to 60 hour work weeks and feel that I have taken leaps backwards in my recovery. You are number 1 and need to remember that. If you haven't already read the "letter to the Brain", then you should..It describes the recovery very well.

My prayers for you on Monday, it's not that bad, just rest, rest, and rest! You will know when you have to slow are reminded. Please keep us posted.


Hi Sherri,

Sorry to hear about the probelms you've been having with your heart rate and I do hope it resolves itself so that you can move forward and get your surgery done on Monday.

Please remember that you are having surgery for annies and that you should not be exerting yourself and overdoing anything at this point and after the surgery! I worry for you!!

You are in my prayers and thoughts for the surgery on Monday!


Hi Sherri,

the day before my surgery for the PED stent I had the visit and my heart rate was around 50 / minutes, due to the jogging I have every day.

The anestesist said this was not a problem, they simply control it during the operation ; I hope the same with you.

Very very good luck.............and keep us posted !!


you need to slow down and take care of YOU. REST, REST, REST.

i will pray for you on Monday, please, please SLOW down. When i worry about things i go a mile a minute, well i used to. You come first, please listen to your body. Please keep us posted. gina