can anyone tell me why im keep getting sharp pains on my right side of my brain that's is where they do my surgery they did a cranioyomy done on 3/6/13

Hi Lisa,

Considering you just had your craniotomy in March, you're not very far into your recovery yet...have you asked you Neurosurgeon about the sharp pains? Do you have followup appointments to see him/her? WIth all the nerves trying to re-adjust themselves after such major surgery, I could see how sharp pains could occasionally spike as the nerves get oriented and your scar is healing...I know I had the serious 'itch' with occasional pain spikes after my last surgery, but the pain spikes were pretty infrequent and were fewer and further inbetween as time went on. If its serious pain you're experiencing, don't hesitate to contact your surgeon and get some answers! peace and good healing vibes being sent your way ! Janet


I hope you have noted/documented (described?) ...the type of pain and as best possible it s location...

Did it start new, or continuing since discharged or?

Call the neurosurgeon and ask...

Prayers for good results


Hi Lisa...you have a long way to recovery...however, if you have any doubts seek medical attention...

Gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

thanks everyone I want to see my Neurosurgeon this week and I was told that it was the nerves trying to mend itself back together