Hello everyone

Just to let you all know i'm still doing well, it's now 15 weeks post op. Been busy lately. Hope you are all well.

God Bless

Hi Nikki!!!! so glad your ok~ great to hear from you! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, we missed you!

(((Nikki))) Good to see a post from you and that you are doing well...Busy can be good as long as you get your rest and take care of YOU along the journey...wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

I am so glad to hear that your are doing well, Nikki. Hope to see you in the chat some time!!!! We miss you :)

God Bless you!


Nikki! I am glad you are well!! Continue to stay well and enjoy life- D

Hi Nikki !

So glad to hear you're doing well , that is wonderful news to be sure!

Peace, Janet

Thanks Ted, Colleen, Carol, Dana and Janet. I appreciate your thoughts.

Got to start exersising again, i'm starting to get a buffalo butt, lol.

Take care Angels xx