Hell of a birthday present!

Tuesday May 3rd is my 50th birthday and i will be spending it at mayo clinic getting my 6 months post surgery check. My surgeon said it was his present to me for him to be able to tell me no more signs of any more aneurysms and that the clamps are looking good. I am looking at it as a present from the one above to give me 50 more years so i can pay my daughter back for all the growing up years...lol. Just want to say to all the support community thanks for the word of encourgment over this past year and I will let you all know how it goes on tuesday. I am nervous but i have faith in my god and my doctor.

love to all


Great Attitude...You go...I am sending "cyber~good thoughts and hugs your way..."...that all will be fine...

Keep us posted...and an Early Happy 50th...!



wishing you the happiest birthday...what a way to celebrate...


Margaret -

I just had my 6mos check, and was also nervous (very) before-hand, but all went smoothly with good results. You will do fine - you will get good news and then celebrate your special day! I will be thinking of you.