Heart Palpations

Wow, it’s really been a long time since I’ve posted anything! I hope everyones doing great! I was wondering if anyone else had heart palpations following thier aneursym? I had a 16mm Annie on my Basilar tip artery, un-ruptured, diagnosed in Jan, 2011, since then I’ve had 3 surgerys, one stent and 17 coils, all inserted through an angiogram. Because of the location, they can not clip it. I’ve recently noticed that I get a flutter in my heart rythm, not very often, and it usually doesn’t last long, but, it’s there. yesterday it worried me some, although it wasn’t long, it did cause me to become slightly dizzy, then worried, and I had just long enough to think, “if this doesn’t stop, I need to call an ambulance”, then it stopped! When my Annie was first discovered, I became so dizzy and nausated, I thought I was haveing a stroke, thats what sent me to the ER. So the dizziness scared me a little. Anyone else suffer from that?

Hi Melodee...seek medical attention for your Heart Palpations...it may be nothing, but it could be a sign that your heart is telling you something...I had a 9mm annie coiled on my Basilar tip Annie...and to be honest the first time I went to ER, my Blood pressure was up way high...heart palpitations and a terrible headache...was diagnosed with migraine and high blood pressure...then about 12 days later collapsed, back to ER and with MRA they found my Anuerysm's...I think you should at least call your primary ... and tell them of Heart Palpations and getting in to see someone...please keep us posted...~ Gotcha in my prayers ~ Colleen

Thank you, Colleen, my good sense tells me I should go get it checked out, and I will, but, honestly, I guess th ethought of yet something else is a little depressing!! :slight_smile: I know your right, and I will get it checked out!


I do have some palpitations when I turn to my left at a certain angle; I am coiled...

When were your three surgeries and what for?

I was in coronary care (CCU) on a remote ECG system (in my reg room) between two coilings...tho one is story-formatted as a diagnostic angio; and the other as angio coil emblization.

When I do get the palpitations, I do the yoga deep breathing exercises... it does help me tho, I highly recommend you see your MDs...

Prayers for getting that done soon


Thank you for replying, Pat. My surgerys were in 2011, Jan. - Stent, Feb- 7 coils and Oct - 10 coils, all for a Basilar Tip aneurysm. I was lucky that they were able to be non-invasive for all three surgerys and do an angio through my thigh. I still have headachs and pain, thier not sure what to do. My Annie has diminished in size, (thank God) from 16mm to 4mm, but the palpations just recently started. I am on Aspirin, I was on plavix until Nov. 2011. I am going to see my Dr tomorrow.

Colleen, did you suffer a SAH?

Melodee, I had an aneurysm clipped in April 2011, followed by second brain surgery in May 2011, and reconstructive skull surgery January 2012 --- During all of this I also learned that I have an irregular heartbeat - arrthymia (sp?). I'm now on 325 mg aspirin every day and have worn heart monitors on several occasions to check the heart rate, etc. They did find that I have an ascending aneurysmal aorta --- probably related to hypertension.

I do feel a flutter every now and then. It's best to have it checked out --- yet another thing to think about!