Wondering if anyone knows how long it takes after coiling for the inside of your brain to heal. To be more specific -- my doc said that after the coiling the aneurysm should be sealed off just wondering how long that takes?

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When your doc says 'sealed off' ...that means that your aneurysm has been occluded ...and that is what you want it to be ofcourse...the thing is with the coil is that sometimes (not always by any means), but sometimes the coil will compact over time, thus meaning that your annie isn't sealed off if or when that happens...you didn't have the coiling done after a bleed or a rupture though, and from what I've heard compaction rates are much fewer for those whos annie's were dealt with before a bleed or a rupture occurred . Just be sure you get your follow-up angiograms to make sure yours is holding in place (you no doubt have followup visits scheduled for angiograms--if you don't, you need to be sure you do get scheduled for them) Probably a good idea to get an angio at about 3 months afterward ....maybe at 6 months then a year to a year and ahalf afterwards..I had coiling done in 2006 , mine compacted and I had to have it dealt with at 3 years afterwards, but then again mine was done after a rupture had occurred in 2006. If you notice anything unusual (headaches, visual disturbances, dizzyness, etc) then get yourself into the doctor....otherwise, just be sure you get your followups down the line...Peace, Janet

Hi ... Remember healing is different for everyone...but I agree with what Janet told you...this is so true...for me coiling hasn't occluded yet ... and it will be three years November 30th...but actual healing where I started to say..."hey I feel better" was about 6 months then at 1year...~ Colleen

hi ff ! mine was 100% occluded after the recoiling at 8 mnths post sah, i'm not sure exactly when they told me or exactly when the total occlusion occurred but it was at the angiogram they told me, I think the others are correct tho- it varies- depends on many factors-size of aneurysm, size of neck, location. I was on blood thinners for years for a dvt blood clot in my leg but not sure this is a factor, also I have a specific gene identified that caused the clot. I would call and ask the nuerosurgeons nurse-they will be able to answer or find out from dr-remember, they work for you and are paid well by insurance. Mine were very nice and it was a comfort to get to know them especially during visits- I felt like I knew them, before you call write down questions so you don't get sidetracked and forget, thanks for your post here-its how we learn from each other!~ ps- also there is an ask the doctor sect. in forum here, i'm sure Kathleen could answer this better than I -lol

hi!! me again!!-lol I just saw where you said you do call them-excellent! they sound like a great team!