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Healing with scars

Hello all,
this page is a life saver all on its own. I had my two surgeries Glory be to God!! the first surgery was 03/09/18 and the second surgery was on 04/05/18, the second incision got infected and i had to go back under surgery in May. God is good, all is great now. I am healing now. I have a few questions JAW PAIN!!! when does it end :frowning: my doctor has suggested that i practice on my jaw by chewing gum. Does this work? it hasnt worked for me. Also my head was shaved after the infection, how do you all deal with scars??? Any input would be appreciated mostly the scars, ive tried mederma and i dont see any improvement. :frowning:

Hey Skatwooki,
I’m pleased to hear your surgeries went well. As for the jaw pain, there are a few variables. If it’s muscular then exercising it (chewing gum) may help but it may also be nerve damage from the incisions. I found that although some incisions were nowhere near my jaw, the nerves to my jaw were effected and the transfer pain was, at times, fairly extreme. The only thing that I found to help was time. And similarly with the scars.
I’ve needed a few neurosurgeries (6 so far) and my skull looks like a badly drawn topographical road map, with humps, hollows and scars all over it. In a way, being female you are lucky, eventually your hair will grow back and cover most of it. I’m a balding male and my scarring is becoming more visible. I now cover it all with a baseball cap. I sometimes joke with people saying “most baldys look like a bowling ball, so does mine, only mine has the finger holes too” lol
My last surgeries were 5yrs ago now and I still have days of scar pain and I find temperature can have a huge impact, especially cold days when the scalp shrinks. To be honest you are still in the early days of your recovery and as time passes there will be some improvement. There are many cremes, lotions and solutions that ‘claim’ to fix unsightly marks, but few actually work on surgical scars. Superficial blemishes may heal OK as they are often only the top layers of skin, where surgical scars cut through every layer of skin and these heal in a totally different manner. Your surgeons stitching (or stapling) skills can also have a huge impact.
But the long and short of it all is that only time will heal. Sorry.

Hope it helps
Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Your first person I’ve talked to that has had two surgerys.My first 2 BA’s on right side,craintomy,2 clips.And going to have next one on left side,1 BA’s,clipped this December.My jaw dose give pain sometimes.It might help go to general doctor and get some physical therapy.They know how to do things we don’t think .Your so amazing to go through all this.I just want to get next one over.Hope it gets better for you.