Healing Process Questions

Hey Everyone! l was just wondering if you could asnwer a few questions consisting in my grandfather's recovery.

My grandfather(71) drived on a daily basis prior to his accident,he now walks and already adjusting on to the ''have a normal life like he used to'' now,but several members of my family doubt on his ability to drive now and l understand,he may have some coordination problems.But what about testing him? l was wondering if anyone went through this or any family member or friend,what is your opinion aswell?

Aswell,my family members think he shouldn't go out walking on his own.Prior to his rupture he used to go and have walks for hours and obviously he wants to do that now,but my grandma won't let him! He didn't care one day and escaped and everything apparently went well ''as he says'' and l actually don't doubt that! . My family's fear is of him tripping in the middle of the street and not being able to stand up. When you think of that you obviously come to the conclusion that it is true,but my grandfather is a very smart person and doesn't consider himself a 20 year old that can cross the street unautiosly while cars are passing through (he may think he's on his 50's hehe) and l believe he can totally be safe when out by himself.

What do you guys think? Did you went through this or something similar? Any suggestions?

And finally :

He's physical therapy has already concluded, he now walks and can do everything on his own,but he sometimes says he feels a little unbalanced,I have suggested doing yoga to improve his balance and many other things, what do you guys think? and let's say he can still improve a little more on the walking thing,before his accident he walked on a very fast pace and now he obviously doesn't walk that fast,a little speedy pace but not like before, Do you guys think he can achieve more by walking daily and doing physical exercises?

Thanks in advance and l hope you have a great day!

Hi Alex...I think the family should talk with the Doctor...and see what they have to say about your Grandfather...then I think everything comes down to common sense...for example...my father has always walked 4 miles a day...he has the beg stages of alzheimer's...he must walk the same route everyday...mom knows the time...if he isn't back...where to drive to find him...and he must keep his address and phone number in his pocket...he is still aware of so much...we can't tie him down, he is alive and needs to live...but we keep open communication of our concerns...not sure this helps you out...but I don't think answers are "yes you can and no you can't"... it is working with that person...and making them feel important in the decisions about them...

Keep us posted...Happy Monday...Colleen

Actually really gives me a sense of what to do Colleen! Thanks a lot and may you and your parents be well!

Hi Alex. If his doctor clears him to walk I don’t see why he shouldn’t. It is normal for the family to worry. I was tested at the hospital to make sure I was cleared to drive, that is a good idea no matter how old you are. How about getting him a cell phone to have on him when he walks. I did a lot of walking. I still have serious balance issues. I think that improvement can continue and isn’t he still real soon from his rupture? It really does take time. I am happy to hear that he is doing well and improving. Sleep and rest are really important for healing so tell him to listen to his body and rest when he needs to.

Shelly thanks so much for your comment,and indeed it has just been 4 months and something since his accident,maybe we shouldn’t so much of a rush and the improvement will be there when we least expect it don’t you think? Hope your doing well!